XPOWER B-24 Thermal Ace 3 HP Variable Speed Professional Pet Force Dryer with Heat

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  • Best multi-purpose pet grooming dryer for all groomers!
  • Variable speed control knob for precise airflow adjustments
  • Patented noise reduction technology for quiet operation
  • Two temperature options available for additional heat – dry and set coats faster!
  • Powerful high velocity 3 HP brush motor, producing up to 150 CFM of airflow
  • Unique washable 3-filter system keeps the motor running efficiently
  • Includes an 8’ long x 1.7” dia. heat-resistant high-flex hose
  • 3 secure screw-on nozzle attachments: cone, flat, and round
  • Compatible with XPOWER Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) and Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3)
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic (the same that football helmets use) housing design
  • 10 Ft. power cord with wrap-around cord design
  • Dual thermal protection and ETL/CETL safety certified

3 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps, Variable Speed Professional Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat


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